I'm looking for the best way

in poetry •  5 months ago


As long as we continue this way
There will never be peaceful humming
Intimacy between us both
Truly compulsive

Smiles and laughter are just that
As a perfect complement to the theatrics
Starting from the sweetness of affection
We drifted and swept away


I try to stay with you
Although sometimes not along the way
I looked and always looked for the best way
So there is no regret and tears
Back to your hug,

So there is no regret and tears.

How could it be Believe in you
My birthday You do not remember anymore

How could it be You still love me
Whereas your presence
Like the wind then slammed on the beach


Can not believe it anymore I can not believe it
You can not afford this Facing you

Can not believe it I do not believe it I will not care
Let me try my own life Even without you anymore

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