Here's a spoken word script I wrote a few months ago, My inspiration came from watching how people react to my nude female artworks when i post it on social media. Hilarious.

in poetry •  8 months ago

Try reading it out with your voice, you'll enjoy it better.


I Came off my shell and not going back.
The air feels amazing,
the world so beautiful, enticing.
Filled with promise of ease
You feel that? The gentle breeze?
Hmm, no?
I wonder whats in the way though.
I guess my first task
Is to get you off that mask.

Come, leave your shell behind
Internal conflicts, pay no mind
Follow the gentle breeze,
You will breathe free,
feel free, smile-free free,
trust me, you'll be
judgement? punishment?
Free from fear of disapproval and hate.

no longer be at the mercy of fate,
No more sitting still, taking no action. having faith.
living on your own terms. Why wait?
"Nah, its too much work, mate
Come back to your shell where you safe"
The mediocre says.

But I say,
"Its a beautiful day".
Come, join me under the sun,
Don't hide in the shadow.
maybe I'm wrong,
to think you're beautiful.
it's so dark in there, its awful
So dark, I can't see.
Come, Show me who you are,
Door's open, no key.
step into the light
And bless the world with an amazing sight,
your true self.
its the one they'll rather you lock away and be like everyone else.
If that's not you, let's get to know one another.
Let me see your smile, have some fun
Let your white teeth sparkle, under the sun,
Not hidden behind the shade of night
when the sun is gone and the moon, out to mourn

Come, no pressure though, Start with your words,
Call out to me, when I'm back, I gots
Tell you how it feels to have guts
Living like a king, giving zero fucks.
someday, you too will get sick of the cold darkness society casts
hungry wolves waiting to devour us if we dare walk past.
Caged and conditioned is the norm
Anyone who dares try to leave, gets pulled back by words
Each in their shell, living like worms.
They want you safe from the wolves but never realize none are outside these walls.
everyone hides like sheep, no one with balls
they could just walk out and roam free, standing tall
I swear even the sheep would cry and call,
"Humans are so dull.
The cage has no door.
Get off your ass y'all"

They want you safe
they say the wolves are lurking out
The enemy, the enemy
I'm out here and I only see birds
The wolves are really right beside you,
In their own shells,
watching you try to get out of yours.
So they can protect you by pulling you back in,
"it's a lost cause",
"stay safe!", they warn,
"The enemy, the enemy!", they cry
I stepped out to pry
No enemy I could find, no matter how I try.
But Let's not be hasty,
The enemy really exists.
The real enemy, is "safety"

If you stay safe all your life, you're fucked
You'll die someday like we all will and the world won't give a fuck
Yeah, becuause,
you're safe from everything including your true self, you supressed
The cruel fate of the real side of you, you oppressed.
How will they know its YOU, if you die wearing another face
Even worse, a face that millions put on.
Let's face it, you're just a clone.
Pile them up with the rest.
Decay to soil, weeds grown.
Died Nameless,
Just because you were afraid to step out,
You may plead clueless,
Are you really blameless?

What if you grabbed my hand and ran into the wind
Would you finally learn to be who you were meant to be?
I'm betting you will.
So many amazing emotions you'll feel
Standing up a hill,
Clear mind, one of the many joys.
Shh, I hear a noise
they're waking up.
I must go now,
Remember, their advice, you shouldn't heed
Breaking free is not a want, its what you need
Staying safe wanting extra, Some may call Greed
But you and I know now, the burning desire, so, LET'S BE FREE.

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