Poetry jinx: AT THE END

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At the end, life wraps up in its fold
Tight and firm to its hold
Like the Cook's omelet
Served hot to farmers in the hamlet

At the end, moments get lost in the blues
Peers are left with to talk our views
To judge, to spurn and to take
All left with a choice to make

At the end, peers and foes bids us farewell
A prayer we've always prayed to end well
But our deeds are all our end can tell
When the sound is heard at the strike of the bell

At the end, our tastes are thrown to the air
That which our hearts were quick to give a care
With our hands we clenched to it with zest
But at the end, we lie in the grave as bones at best

At the end, the goals and views we held so tight
Are shrouded by the fog of the night
But a way of life was a path we choose to live
But a report is all we live to give

At the end, breathe is sniffed away in our world
Our fragile bodies give away without a word
Muscles and joints slack to a rest
But the spirit in us lives to speak at the fest

At the end, life is all the Maker cares
All that He gives
All that He says
Oh...life works in us to meet its worth at the END.


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Thanks you for reading through, please kindly drop your comments, suggestions or hint on the theme/topic of the next poem I should write about.

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