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The imperfect being

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I made a spoken word audio, it wasnt done perfectly, but I plan on improvement.
You can listen to it

I toured some part of the world,
The north, the south, the west and the East
But all I can see is the imperfect being

I saw people whose faith cannot be taken from them and
I saw people who are lost in their faith but they aren't perfect

I saw husband whose wife won't stop commending and
I saw wife whose husband won't stop praising
Yet they aren't perfect

I saw beauties that left your mouth agape


I saw handsomeness that make you think otherwise but they aren't perfect either

I continued my journey of the perfect search
With the hope of seeing my perfect being
Days gone
Nights gone
Weeks gone
Months gone and
Years gone

I couldn't see a perfect being,
I got lost in my journey and
Got lost in my own thoughts
I ask myself
Am I the perfect being
I look deep into myself and realised that
I'm not a perfect being either
I woke up from my thoughts
Stopped my journey and
Found my way back to my lair

I finished my journey without seeing the perfect being, then I realised they never exist

Thank you

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I liked your recited Poetry
Happy day