in #poetry2 years ago


She comes unexpectedly she growls,showing her displeasure,ohh she is angry and this time she comes with no mercy.

We run we hide,but the effect of her anger reaches us anyway as we feel the cold she emanate.

What have we done this time,what is our offence, as always it does not matter for she is not one to ask questions,she comes and go as she pleases, we should be happy that she has not shown us her true wrath which others at different states have experience.

She is almost done i can feel it as the intensity of the rain drops lessen and the sky tries to regain it's  lively colour.

Excitement followed suit as we are about to continue our daily routine,we have survived today's downpour we can now enjoy the day a rainless day is what we all need now,till when next she decides to visit again…..


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