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in #poetry6 years ago

Everything happened very fast and I am aware of that,

but I never thought that I would end up falling in love,

Unfortunately, love does not always reach people,

in the same way and you did not feel the same as me,

it hurts me and it tears my heart to think of losing you,

but I have to assume that life is not always how you want it,

and letting you go to see you in other arms is something I must assume,

although I deny it constantly.


I thought we were for each other,

but I got confused one more time.

That's why I had my armor and armor at first,

so you do not hurt me and you swore that you would not,

unfortunately, time proved me right,

and I got hurt again and again,

although you perjured me that you would never hurt me.

Deceiving me was initially a game,

and I support it as an error of my inexperience,

Going back to cheating and lying is something that I do not tolerate,

because it hurts me but it hurts more to lose you,

Although everyone criticizes me, I want to continue to see you secretly,

but every time I look into your eyes, I lose a part of myself,

my essence fades, I'm not the same as yesterday,

nor will I be the same as tomorrow,

to follow you is toxic, but I need you as if you were my addiction,

and all excess is bad, as you are with me.


Very nice poetry love the photo you used to add to the feeling of your mood.

Visiting from @kryptonia have a wonderful day.

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