Life is serious

in #poetry6 years ago

The facts are clear, almost simple, resounding.
To live is to grow old
and getting old leads to loss and pain.
There is no other possibility, no:
our health gets worse
for many palliatives that we use.
Once, when we were young,
We believed in the possibility that everything was a joke;
that's why we laughed so much at the beginning,
even between laughter,
like someone who applauds a work of fiction
in which we ourselves were the characters.
But life understands nothing of fantasies,
and much less of jokes.
That life is serious
one begins to understand later,
when the unpleasant truth looms
and he realizes that aging and dying
It is the only argument of the work

  • as Gil de Biedma wrote -,
    and that any coincidence with reality
    It is pure fatality.



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