Day 99 - Negative Positive

in #poetry2 years ago

Negative Positive

By Samuel Kodie

A fist of justice rises against sand
Sandstorm of memories wrapped on hand
Handing over a wave of pain in band
Band aid patching the canyon in land
Landing on s shore made by wand
Wand-less to rewrite memories gland
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Grappling, leaving victim in a bind
Binding contract with no escape in mind
Minding the terms and conditions kind
Kindling a flame of resistance wind
Winding the clock of difficulty hind
"Hinding" near vanishing rooting blind

Changing the course of ship in time
Timelessly creating new to sublime
Sublimation finally of sand to air; dime
Dime, the currency exchange for lime
Limestone; the building block slime
Sliming positive over negative rhyme
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Sorry for the late submission of Day 99. I had a lot of unforseen tasks and all other time taken up by work. I only just woke up after falling asleep almost immediately I returned from work. Stressful day...

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