Day 98 - Death's Cure

in #poetry2 years ago

Death's Cure

By Samuel Kodie

The long awaited wish come true
Sublimation of strength to execute
Buckling under invisible load glue
The view down disemboweled and cute
A journey requires a leap of sure
All for ailment; to obtain death's cure
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The race to an endless existence
Fragrance to the unfulfilled and dissatisfied
Absence of all heat to preserve pretence?
Different ingredients yet, still mummified
An endless road to life pure
All for extension; to obtain death's cure
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The weight sitting on life support
The crushing of life's diaphragm itself
Rising from ashes of abundance fort
A will with no care for himself
With one goal to abundance lure
All for adequacy; to obtain death as cure

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Wow, wonderful arrangement, and nice words, I was kinda lost at a point. Good work bro.

wow, at which point?
Thanks a lot for the feedback. Means a great deal