Day 95 - Lost Break

in #poetry2 years ago

Lost Break

By Samuel Kodie

My mind is lost in the sea of forgetfulness
The polarity of axis turned upside down
Reaching up into the depths of bogus creation
Youthful exuberance wasted collecting ages
The drought of abundance showering negligence
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Vehemently opposing the dam in open embrace
The bright florescence of fire promptly extinguished
The crushing waves disappoint and crash
And then follows the brief moment of mating
Intertwining of parts in different times abroad
The rouge nature of the homeless lightbulb

The solidification of lava into igneous rock
The disintegration of formation before setting
Reeking of the stentch of voluntary retreat
Retiring the extended arm weighed by frustration
The walk of shame not as the path of disappointment
The harbour serving its purpose of harbouring
Over deafening whisper, a crack is heard
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Excuse my late submission. Had a stressful and packed weekend. Completed this yesterday, but didn't have the time to post it.

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