Day 94 - Publicly Anonymous

in #poetry2 years ago

Publicly Anonymous

By Samuel Kodie

The fantasy of reality made real
The hope of an inevitable beginning
The nest of a Koel bird taken over
The world of leaders fighting change

Praise be to the virtuous holy man
For he sings of values he carries
He whispers the authority he smells
He; the embodiment of the figless fig,
Ascends the throne of corrosion
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Polarising only pure vacuum from air
Making the best diamond from clay
Encouraging the fist of an armless man
The numerous words uttered by the mute
The expectations of the carrying father
Praying for rain to melt away filth
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Sorry for the late submission. I moved from function to function and meeting to meeting without time to breathe, finally landing home at 10 pm. I was in the process of posting and slept off. Please bear with me...

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