Day 93 - Sea of Snakes

in #poetry2 years ago

Sea of Snakes

By Samuel Kodie

In the halls of worship
A man lays in wait
In pursuit of a jewel glittering
His reason, sailed on a ship
Using his prayers as bait
His prize, a priestess in waiting
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Before the alter of reverence
Prayers cannot escape her lips
Thinking of the charm of his hips
His face; the burning image in mind
The shine if his eyes making blind
The excruciating wait to feel his presence

The union of immortal and mortal
The sea roars through the portal
The pleasure boiling and flowing immense
The sweet scent of sea breeze; suspense
The brutality of the "unclimaxing" climax
The consequences never thought of to max

The fury of the beautiful and wise
The privilege of escape to the ageless
The time came for the rolling of dice
The fear of the other age less
Two of blood help hide from Athena
Together cursed; Medusa and the gorgons banner
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