Day 92 - Behind

in poetry •  2 years ago 


By Samuel Kodie

Yesterday, I was on track
Relaxing to the humming sound of sleep
With no worries except sustenance
Free of obligation and responsibility
I was required to be lazy for profit
Up to the sky, the sun at my behest
Down to earth, the siren's lyre coming strong
Pulling me into a world of mesmerising glow
Then day says goodbye, welcoming night
And I travel to worlds of Oz
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Today, I'm a lap behind
How did this happen in the stretch so little?
Who slowed me down into yesterday?
Why do I relive a different day differently?
Who swapped my greatness for hardwork?
The pressure to make time behind time
The realization of the dooming end
Shooting pain when finish is near
The need to be a man of integrity
So I put two and two together and write
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