Day 91 - 10 Silver Pieces

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10 Silver Pieces

By Samuel Kodie

A long time ago
There lived a spotless man
Elders threatened by his voice,
Opted to seal his choice
Offering silver to clay-man
Sold out by "family" to go
th (4).jpeg
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An exceptional character elected
There lived a shifting man
Claiming to have a golden pocket
With access to golden fleece without rocket
Taking plated paper from shadow-man
Without fear of being ejected

An underpaid worker passionate
There lived a two-faced man
Appearing to lead a fighting team
With hopes of acquiring a trophy beam
Obtaining notes to reveal true-man
Glory exchanged for treasury ornate

A misused risk-taker alive
There lived a well-dressed man
Telling tales of wages to pay
Deceiving with weight of ornament to be owed
Establishing an empire for a self-man
Pushing risk-taker, to take a dive
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A common subject toiling
There lived all these and more men
Entrusted with lives and futures future
Abusing and stealing for greed neglecting rupture
Building towers of gold from lay men
Ignorant of their reputation soiling

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