Day 88 - Fire Service

in #poetry2 years ago

Fire Service

By Samuel Kodie

An uncontrollable drive to push one's limit
Create exemplary supermen out of thin air
Obliterate baracades; pull down walls
The fire dancing, lighting up eyes
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The fire of a thousand men dark
Impossibility springing forth in full bloom
A chemical reaction maybe; explosion
Worth the praise coming through the pipes

The rumbling bass of the furry drawing
Constant rhythmic pounding against a cage
Fight or flight kicked into full gear
The urge to disseminate quickly into the horizon
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From the blazing flame bursts jealousy
Envy of the greatness sprouting in another
Proclaiming violence of the innocent soul
Determined to destroy the foundation stone: fire

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You were on fire here... Nice one

When the fire in us blazes, it takes us miles beyond our capacity.. It inject in us superpower

I love how you built the flow of the work, transiting in equal intervals.

Well-done mate
Write on!

Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. I guess then you need to call the fire service on me 😂