Day 87 - One Way Street

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One Way Street

By Samuel Kodie

I walk this path alone devoid of all life
My legs wail under the strain yet carry me to I know not where
My hand tired of swinging aimlessly but still keep on to unknown rythms
Grounded in the air above and beyond plagiarizing everything I know
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Treading this dusty road and yet the dirt all psychological
I hope life returns to this feeble attempt of a human trying to achieve
The destination, a beautiful paradise beyond words, seemingly only in mind
I have polished my shoes and yet not fancy enough to shine on my path

The world has two views of my journey
I waste time forging a path through the darkness believing, hoping for light
I have the insides to go where few men try and hope all goes well
The basic and fundamental reason driving my walk of a car understood
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As the father of a lifeless generation
The path thought alone sprouts to other similar with sole pilgrims
The destination as real as the villains pulled to reality from a novel
A magical empress at the end of the road but an impossible chasm at the final

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Greetings, poet!
As part of the exercise of criticism commissioned by @d-pend, I propose to access a meeting with his poem in search of ideas that impress my being.

"One Way Street" tells me about the address. It is the proposal of a human being who seeks his place in this world. The best he can with the tools he has and wanting to give the best of himself:

I hope that life comes back to this unique attempt of a human trying to achieve
Destiny [...]
I have polished my shoes and yet not fancy enough to shine on my path.

The voice tells us that, despite all attempts, it has not been favored. However, it continues its course always forward, although the road has become more difficult, every time, because it has seen others on the same route to those who have fared better.

I have the interior to go where few men try it and I hope everything goes well
the basic and fundamental reason that drives my walk

The path thought only by other pilgrims

And he ends by saying that life is not like a novel with a happy ending. Rather, it is contrary to the belief that the end is luminous and, in contrast, is an insurmountable precipice.

A magical empress at the end of the road, but an impossible abyss at the end

Good job, @skodie! His creation transmits an existential preoccupation recreated through his poetic art and an impulse towards the achievement of the objectives. Well done!

Hi friend, Thanks for the critique and the read. Spot on...