Day 85 - Young and Hungry; Old and dissatisfied

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Young and Hungry; Old and dissatisfied

By Samuel Kodie

The young and hungry inhaling information like a tornado
Throwing out mangled pieces as waste not retaining and ounce
Born from nothing, the black hole grows allowing nothing to escape
This thirst I have drunk, this exam I have tested

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O you young and hungry
Looking down on the world we so believe you to change
Looking up to where no man has ventured to make your home
Looking around and finding no equal or peer to share your thoughts

Look down
Look up
Look around
Without the prejudice; then you may be granted true vision

You the agile and arrogant
Yes you, arise from the throne you have built yourself thinking you rule
For only the paralegic, weak and old was the chair intended for
With all your knowledge, you still remain ever foolish
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Wake up from your dream, O little and needy
Whining and throwing tantrums in a desperate attempt to catch attention
And you call it demonstration and fighting for rights to mask the reason
There are better ways to solve problems other than threatening with sticks and screams

You say, you're young and hungry, strong and zealous
Ready to do what must be done and fight for what must
We say, you're immature and impatient
Sit down and let's teach you the rules of life

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