Day 81 - A Thousand Cuts

in #poetry2 years ago

A Thousand Cuts

Bonjour, Good day to the permutations of dubious minds ruling the abyss
Where friends, family and strangers alike appear to challenge steel
Poker enunciates the clay to be molded as flame is set to destroy
Judiciously and sanctimoniously, a much-awaited inspector almost slips

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The floor so perfectly even, it cuts the roughest of materials
Poltergeist of the late ghost of Christmas past leading the charge to future
The imminent immanent fall to oblivion all over again subtly postponed
The grace and mercy of the eternally vengeful bestowed on the inspector

The massive strength rejuvenating the creaking door poised for greatness
An enormous safe in the middle of knowhere intended to keep nothing safe
Flexibility and gymnastic movements never seen before in all the realms
Juxtaposing the maze within the puzzle housing an inescapable prison

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The job done, the inspector becomes the inspected crucially
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but the report far from expected
The stench of burning flesh filling the throne room causing flowers to bloom
Five stars on all sections except the last; the assessment of a death by a thousand cuts

Just settled after a busy and strenuous day but had to put pen to paper. sorry for being late

You wouldn't believe what happened to me. It sounds unbelievable even to me in our day and age. My internet problems escalated about two week ago. With unpredictable sprouts of reception, I have been offline and unreachable for this period. I have finally gotten a replacement and I hope and intend to be consistent now. I can only say I'm back if I'm allowed back in. I missed Steemit and the poetry challenge a lot.

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