Day 80 - In Yet Out

in #poetry2 years ago

In Yet Out

In the cloud of the crowd, the bird flies free
Disjointed and free from its clutches and embrace
And somehow still a part and apart from its universe
Up so high where the high and mighty float showering

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Lifting trophies up high for everyone to see
My mind soaring higher each time but no recognition
No realization even of the wonder exploring the outer reaches
The endless secrets and truth just swimming atop heads

An endless stream of music woven expertly from the noise
Detailing the depth intensity of their journey to enlightenment
Treasures bringing material wealth hidden in the depths of the deep
Precious stones that attract wealth like a magnet hovering just out of reach

In the crowd of the cloud, I am the bird flying free
In total disarray and unhinged from the weaving flow of interactions
I stand alone facing the oncoming wave and yet not alone
I am standing in a crowd having a conversation my head doesn't follow

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You wouldn't believe what happened to me. It sounds unbelievable even to me in our day and age. My internet problems escalated about two week ago. With unpredictable sprouts of reception, I have been offline and unreachable for this period. I have finally gotten a replacement and I hope and intend to be consistent now. I can only say I'm back if I'm allowed back in. I missed Steemit and the poetry challenge a lot.

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