Day 78 - The Space In-between

in #poetry2 years ago

The Space In-between

We share a bed together and yet not mine to consummate
I see my future in your eyes as we stare into each other’s
But crazy and insane; the only apt description given by best mate
The cards tell an entirely different story as your future as another’s

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As the pain escalates seeming like eternity, solace is found in my embrace
Tension in the air increasingly seeps from the screen, my hand keeps safe
Temperatures suddenly drop just enough to nudge you closer to my face
And yet the signals I keep seeing all night from the traffic light say “not safe”

I can’t think straight with you walking down the corridor heading to me
Your hips swaying forcing your skirt to sway to the unsung music of your body
The air holding up your hair at the perfect angle refusing to let go and I, dreamy
What is this clenching wrenching pain in the middle of my chest? Anybody?

Despite all my efforts, in the shadows I stay, relegated to the background
As the day grows old, the sun moves out of position but not my predicament
Wherever my head goes to spend the time I spend with you, it’s not on solid ground
I now realize the space in-between boy and friend is where I stay and testament

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You wouldn't believe what happened to me. It sounds unbelievable even to me in our day and age. My internet problems escalated about two week ago. With unpredictable sprouts of reception, I have been offline and unreachable for this period. I have finally gotten a replacement and I hope and intend to be consistent now. I can only say I'm back if I'm allowed back in. I missed Steemit and the poetry challenge a lot.

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