Day 76 - Please Wait…

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Please Wait…

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Please wait… before you leave
Listen to me little one, before you grieve
Be careful who you trust and believe
The motivation behind people is like a weave
So entangling, unravelling causing many to bereave

Please wait… before you care
There are those who will live off even your fare
Others that will keep you running like a hare
But with no destination in sight or glare
Guard your kind heart before it turns bare

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Please wait… before you sow
Of all your treasures and riches, your time glows
Be mindful not just where you invest but who tows
Make an honest living in only the right places to mow
Heed the warning of the old ones before you bow

Please wait… before you stretch
The worst deeds often from good reasons fetch
People are never remembered for reasons they etch
Giving heartily can easily turn you into a wretch
These words come from experiences like vetch

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Please wait… before you take
The easiest trap is that with something like cake
Ripe for the taking only to turn out to be fake
Gripping your soul with iron holds elegant to make
And that begets the downfall of the greatest lake

Please wait… before you do anything
Think thoroughly and carefully about everything
The consequences that come after often seem nothing
But compound exquisitely until all left underneath is one thing
These words that for your journey, I leave with you amongst all things

You wouldn't believe what happened to me. It sounds unbelievable even to me in our day and age. My internet problems escalated about two week ago. With unpredictable sprouts of reception, I have been offline and unreachable for this period. I have finally gotten a replacement and I hope and intend to be consistent now. I can only say I'm back if I'm allowed back in. I missed Steemit and the poetry challenge a lot.

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