Day 75 - Never Enough

in #poetry2 years ago

Never Enough

Time slips from my grasp like water, I hold my breath to freeze
In a frantic effort to stretch this moment to become eternity
A star shoots by and my wish obvious enough to prevent sleaze
Warm slithers from your hand awakening my heart promising serenity

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I turn only to be lost in the perfect reflection of the heavens in your eyes
The warmth of the earth core flowing through your veins but not burning
Your perfect features caught in the starlight of a helicopter as it flies
As one stride stretched into a finite more, all heads in jealousy keep turning

This moment brings a truth to my eyes; I could be the richest man alive
I could acquire the power to shape reality to become my reality how I see fit
I could have the world in my hand with all that lays within and on it, thrive
I could be the smartest man with all kinds of knowledge not in bits

I could travel the entire universe carrying with me a sand of memories and yet
I could conquer all there is to conquer under the sun engraving my name in history
I could have the admiration of all live and tread in the universe and I boldly bet
Without you, it’ll never be enough for me and I become nothing but a story

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You wouldn't believe what happened to me. It sounds unbelievable even to me in our day and age. My internet problems escalated about two week ago. With unpredictable sprouts of reception, I have been offline and unreachable for this period. I have finally gotten a replacement and I hope and intend to be consistent now. I can only say I'm back if I'm allowed back in. I missed Steemit and the poetry challenge a lot.

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