Day 65- Marking on the Wall

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Markings on the Wall

When I was little, I was taught to count with vertical and horizontal bars
I was taught to add in maximum of fives in attempt to easily count large
As I grew older, I was introduced to easier or sophisticated ways depending
Now at this age, I wonder if they were truly easier ways or just seemed so
The stench emanating from the walls repulsive enough to kill rodents alike
The then lustrous and glittering walls now a distant memory so faded almost myth
The filth of the spotless floor and the brightness of the dark ceiling screaming
I see some things don’t change over time as one who was here had my education
One, Two, Three and four vertical lines and then one horizontal line crossing through

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Marking the end of one cycle and the beginning of another with solace of the walls
There were cycles all over the walls with different intensities and personalities
They tell truths of the angry, the sad, the disappointed, the hopeful and the lost
Then my eyes turn to a story of a brutality exposing the horrifying truth beneath
Five lines crossing cycles in no order and until the path is followed to the end
Out of pure curiosity and a burning sensation heating in my bosom my fingers extend
From pinky to ring to middle through the index to the thumb; a perfect match for a scratch
A scratch like that, no one needs to hear the truth; I hide behind the distance of the story

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The scream of the victim and coldness of the perpetuator resonating and echoing through time
Penetrating bone and tissue alike; my head aches from the resonance of my skull due to the cry
There’s a popular saying telling of the power and might of the walls: The walls have ears
These particular walls have something more dangerous and powerful than simple listening devices
These walls are infused, marked with truths while embodying the individualities of these truths

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