Day 60 - Masquerades

in #poetry2 years ago


The sweet fragrance of the sun
The burning incense of the moon

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The constant fear of tomorrow
And the regret of the past
Bringing forth memories
And thrashing hopes and dreams
Desiccating aspirations simultaneously
Desecrating graves and unearthing ghosts
The dead should be respected and stay dead
The living should cherish their lives and live it
Tears enough to flood a city rained till the skies are dry

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Bright warm orange light giving an opportunity to start over
The gloom low lit luminance from a mirror taking away covering
The break of dawn brings the reminder of mask to be put up as always

I faced some internet issues the past few days and I've been a bit too occupied to fix it. Got it fixed just a few hours ago. Incredibly sorry for the absence and silence. My poem for the day was still written though in-between tasks and responsibilities. Feels like a shame not to share.

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