Day 59 - Polarize

in poetry •  2 years ago 


In the heart of a dying star, the forges burn bright
The grace of the warm light brings all to sight
The imperfections of material melted away with hope
The hope of a good day and a better future roped

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The cherished look of a once adorable beauty
Left to battle the fiercest of foes to regain fealty
The gift called life molded into the curse; survival
A prayer to the Valkyrie lifted, to leap to Valhalla

The frailty of this little one whispering to souls
Extracting water without the use of boreholes
Performing the miracle of turning wine to water
Stirring rage in some for taking away gold-water

He walks the streets with no protection of gallows
Saying to himself, he has no need of the shallows
Travelling like a nomad with no place in mind
Convincing himself; only the weak decide to bind

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With no memory before the curse; the stars run in shame
Upon the shame of a star, a wish is made to halt the game
With skin kissing the cold floor, the moon turns partly away
The guilt of a son polarized at birth weighing heavily on the sleigh

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