Day 55 - …Lives After Them

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…Lives After Them

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Choice, a fragile construct of an imprisoned awareness
Or the reality of options to select from creation?
Are we prisoners of time with every choice an illusion
Already set in motion by a sequence of events or a greatness
Or Masters of our own ships with no crew and legion?
If the latter, then explains the agile mayhem and mess bluntness

Choice, a fraction believes a delusion and a carving in stone
Impenetrable to change and susceptible to only compliance
A matrix to keep its subjects inclined and less willing to revolt
A system that controls without controlling the movement of bone
So highly efficient and effective to not demand or require insurance
Then war has always been inevitable and so the invention of Colt

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Choice, another faction stands on their truth it be fluid like time
One ripple and it correct its self, enough ripples and change the flow
There are options, some inconsequential and others damaging
Creating a movement so chaotic with only one mission rampaging
Changing the series of events with blinding might as flies the crow
All by the turn of a defining moment as simple as a flip of a dime

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Choice, the framework that set-in motion the existence of all things
Whether an illusion or not, we remain custodians of our lives and countless
The choices made and executed persistently and eventually our own lease
None defective, a creation of such a great intelligence that requires one to be brainless
Why then blame an evil bidding his time if self-incrimination of you stings?
Leading all are culpable and strive for better rigid or fluid with a little grease

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nice poetry...

Thanks a lot. Appreciate the read

I love your constructive use of words..personifying 'choice' and at different points, wearing it different cloaks of meanings. This is beautiful.

Thanks a lot. Actually making notes from your poetry though. I hope it's no offense... 😅

No. It's no offense

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