Day 44 - Fear

in #poetry2 years ago

When the temperature suddenly drops ten degrees
The spine fails miserably to resist the chill
It runs up the spine and flooding the brain
The body can't help but to contract; like it helps....

The hairs on the body stand upright in anticipation
For an enemy that eludes sight and vision
Breathing shortens becoming erratic and laboured
All eight senses on high alert creating an urge

A drive to swing and shoot at the darkness
Not in an attempt to strike or injure the villain
But rather to force the darkness to bend the knee
Surrender its power to be wielded by shear will

Reason goes out the window not willingly
Irrationality becomes the ruler of the mind
The power giving rise to such wise rule increasing
Threatening more danger than the former

A growl slithering from the abyss licking at boots
Bang! Ears shot, heart leaps into a frenzy
Turning around frantically in search of a source
Nothing in sight as so also in ears shot

The taste in the air saturating with metal and evil
The air filling with the scent of volcanic ash
The darkness seeming to hold back a secret
Gently caresses the arm releasing a shriek

Fiery eyes are a thing of the past now
All that is left is captured in desperation
Ears were slowly giving out, blood trickling down
Muscles crying out in excruciating agony

Time seems to stretch into forever
Giving the shadow the luxury to wait in hiding
A silhouette in the darkness finally
What rises to the surface? Hope? Fear again?

It rises from the darkness like a phoenix from ash
Fear grips the heart constricting it
Becoming tighter and tighter with every beat
Jaws open wide, lurch and eyes pop out, mouth letting out a scream

My internet has been terrible all day. Some little rain that fell 😖 😬

I've been trying to post for hours then my phone goes off. Took some tweaking and praying and I think it's good now.

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