Day 39 - Slaves of slavery

in #poetry2 years ago

Your daily quota of bandwidth exceeded
Your once over crowded and noisy space
Suddenly deprived of all sensory input
Silence so deafening your ears begin to bleed
Your fingers begin to twitch, itch
That's how it's starts, the helplessness
Turns rage, an extremely volatile fuel
That drives your need and ambition
For an increased ration you may never get
You may not know it yet but you're a slave
A slave broadcasting the benefits of slavery
You're a slave to slavery

You are given variety and an impossible choice
Sections changing faster than the wind
Making it almost impossible to keep up
Those left behind ridiculed and treated as stone men
Forcing most to keep up beyond their means
A slow and painful death silently waiting ahead
You may not realise it but that's the scent of addiction
An addict making a paradise of an addiction
You're an addict to addiction

There's a divide, a great chasm dividing us
We created it and we build upon it daily
Dictating how one should act and think
Amongst the endless waves of young minds
The terms of the divide always realigned
To suit those in favour and trample on not
A false sense of security that quickly fades
A grand façade of power and authority
While it may not be addiction or slavery
It is in its own right, a dictatorship
This is where the line is drawn
Some mindless slaves to their dictators
And the rest addicts to freedom from the system

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