Day 38 - The Culprit of Darkness

in #poetry2 years ago

In the darkest of night
A light shines bright
To give purpose might
Just beyond lurks a blight
th (21).jpeg

Home to nothing but portal
To transport only the mortal
Selection only made in total
By the highest ranking brutal

He walks in highest regard
Caring nothing for a guard
No emotion, not even a shard
Claiming what was never his card
th (22).jpeg

Lives of others stricken
Futures fried like chicken
Opportunities all taken
The culprit, not even shaken

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You really bring the art of writing to life.

In the darkest of night
A light shines bright
To give purpose might

There is always a moment in our lives when we are empowered to do more like we've received adrenaline shot. That's when we see our real selves and our might.

I always enjoy reading your poems.
Big-up @skodie

Exactly. Thanks for the read and comment. Stick around you'll see more

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I really like your final stanza.

Thanks a lot