Day 35 - Unsullied

in poetry •  2 years ago  (edited)

You were unsullied once
Perfect harmony and balance
In the beauty of innocence
Whiter than fleece
Darkness was extinct
At least, that's what was hoped
The very earth beneath your feet
Trembling in agonizing pain
In fear of grazing you
With the dirt it is
One can only wonder now

You were unsullied once
Untarnished but varnished
Glowing warm and bright
With the sun in your shadow
Your fragrance filled the earth
People came from far and near
Just to behold such beauty
Perfection or as close as we come
The very spark of life
The glint in your eyes
th (17).jpeg

You were unsullied once
Now all but obliterated
The darkness of the underworld
Now the pupil of your eye
Your clothes so dark and gloomy
Making a black hole envious
How can you relish in such
A state of complete and utter
Darkness, Nothingness
You were the light of the day
Now the scorn of the earth
Once without blemish
I prefer to remember you so

Sorry for the late submission. Had an exam and some project obligations to undertake.

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Keeping up with these poem and challenges are definately transform you and make you better.

Keep yp the fire and keep it up

Thanks for the motivation booster. The goal is to greatly improve in this short period making the most of it where doing it on my own would have taken me ages. There are times I want to miss a day, there are times where for a moment, I want to give up. But when I think of what I intend to gain after the 100 days, I just keep pushing on

This is so awesome.

You were unsullied once
Now all but obliterated
The darkness of the underworld
Now the pupil of your eye

People change due to certain things, and the life in them, the light that they had, vanishes and it seems you never knew them.
Thanks @skodie for bringing this to light.
Nice write-up. Wil be expecting more from you.

People change. I had the opportunity to witness the disappointment on a friend's face as he his childhood friend go completely of the rails. This childhood friend was pegged for great things but somehow he took a dangerous path.

It's sad. I knew it wasn't the only case. What could derail someone from a life of privilege to a life of crime, one can only imagine.

Well said

Thanks man. It is painful to have an image of someone tarnished

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Totally agree, life can surprise us in many ways. Some people achieve success suddenly others fall into disgrace. Even eld surprise us feeling even young.

Exactly so. The most painful ones are those you'll never see coming. A drastic and instantaneous change.