Day 33 - Travellers, Nomads

in #poetry2 years ago

We are travellers, nomads
Ever in constant motion
But a place to stay our heads
Never setting roots
But always planting
We search but never find
We find but don't search
In a race against the earth
Motion blurred, movements stilled
We are travellers, nomads

We are travellers, nomads
We gather information
But wealth never in sight
Many discoveries attributed
And yet more to achieve
Set backs, never failures
Victories, never celebrated long
Dangers ever unendingly increasing
Our resolve only grows
We are travellers, nomads
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We are travellers, nomads
The life we live, not our own
Slaves torn between two lands
Out there is where destiny calls
Here is where our hearts longs
The beauty of paradise explored
The harshness of hell endured
And yet home tramps all
This allure, sweet scented as rose
Not forgetting thorns on its stem,
Sings tales of adventure, exploration
Blood boiling hot in response
We are travellers, nomads

We are travellers, nomads
Our desire, restless, unhinged
Refusing restraints like the sea
Hunger became a relative
Extremes became a mild occurrence
Adversity morphs into friendship
Friendship becomes a bore
Experience becomes the student
But thud! The heart longed dire
And home screamed in despair
We returned only to make peace
Alas, we thirst for our destiny
Blood rushing, adrenaline pumping
You may think us junkies
We are travellers, nomads
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