Day 28 - God?

in #poetry2 years ago

All souls are immortal, but the souls of
The righteous are immortal and divine
To borrow a line from 'Immortals' thereof
We then, are all immortally inclined

Abundant life doesn't equate abundant power
Eternity doesn't birth unending might
Endless time can't give endless energy to tower
A life without end doesn't bring unending fights

So what then is so special about a countdown?
To know that no matter the amount of vibrance
A flame can be extinguished by the swipe of a hand down
Why would a countdown consider itself eternity? Defiance?
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Why do you think yourself God then?
You are but on a fleeting clock
A soul to immortalise with the creator

I've missed two days and it was beyond my control. My data bundle expired and my mobile network had an issue with buying data bundles. I was only able to bundle last night I hope I'm forgiven and excused.

I totally understand if my submissions for the past two days are not considered. I just wanted to share the poems I wrote during this period.

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Abundant life indeed don't equate to abundant power.
Sun may shine forever and you may not make hay. But it doesn't make you a hard-working person.

Exactly. Nothing comes free. We are not entitled to anything, we have to work for everything. Thanks for the reading

Great poem.... I loved it

Thanks man... Thanks for the read and comment.