Day 14 - Déjà Vu

in #poetry2 years ago

Home to eternals, way station to mortals
Shaped but shapeless, solid and yet fluid
Fluid and ever changing, transforming
A metamorph, a polymorph
Numerous patterns and variations
And yet repetition in your gene
Mean, one will say, what is your reason?
There's a time and season for everything
To tell, treason; I am the shadow of time
I am Déjà Vu

Do not mess with unknown forces
Leave the creeping to me
Lores over the ages
To dream and then forget
Only to wake up and remember
The nagging sensation and feeling
This has all happened before; yet when?
Experimentation, druid magic
I remain known but tragic
I am Déjà Vu

I am the flame to the chills
I am the chills to the night
The recap you never saw
I am the saw in time
I am Déjà Vu

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A metamorph, a polymorph
I like this line.

I am helping @d-pend in curration of poetry and was just moved into helping in the intermediate category, you'll see my feedback every couple days. Yesterday we had our class on critique. We're going to be doing these on Thursdays at 16:00 GMT. We are moving into a phase where the comments are going to be more geared toward critique so that we can all grow as writers. Feel free to come by and critique some of my poetry. It would be welcomed with open arms and is badly needed. But before I make an assumption that you are open to suggestions on your writing I want to just ask, "Are you open to suggestions on your writing?" Not that I think my suggestions should be taken by you, it's more that they can be used as a tool to open doors for future poems because it's a critical set of eyes that want to see you improve. I need those eyes too. We all do, but it's up to you. So let me know if I need to slow my role. Or if you are open to critique. 😎

I would love some honest critique on my work. That's how we grow... Please feel free