Announcement, Wednesdays are Poetry sharing day!!!

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Starting this week, every Wednesday I will share a poem from my upcoming book "Journey Through Perception." In conjunction to the poem I will give background to its inspiration. Along this this announcement ill share a piece I recently wrote called

"Carry On"
Listening to M83
Lost in the breeze
With my son In between
The splice that
Makes me his genetic engineer
Times like these
Are embellished in revere
Somehow his rudeness is lost
In this moment Of emotions
Lately when confronted
With his unbearable
Selfishness I realize
Not much importance
Matters beyond
This potent spell
Of unconditional love
Served with the Meekness
of a dove
A moment of remembrance
Strikes my attention
The timeless space
Created in the cocktail
Of the conscious trace
Embedded in this experience
Carry On

Background: My 3-year-old son's favorite song at the time is called Intro by M83. He calls it carry on instead of Intro, because the chorus is filled with that line. This is the inspiration for the title of this poem. Moving along to the context, my son has been having a tough patch of disobedience. Despite his unbearable rudeness, after a session of scolding we later went out for a bike ride and he asked to play his favorite jam "Carry On." Soon after we found ourselves hypnotized in the beauty of this song that brought us to a moment of intimacy. We just held each other and sang along, reinforcing the bond of relation. Bringing me to the realization that this is the type of activity that ultimately conditions him, unconditional love.

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