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image source: my phone camera

Iya AWERO black cooking pot, a filthy pot.
Iya AWERO black cooking pot, seated on three huge stones.
Iya AWERO black cooking pot, as black as coal.
Iya AWERO black cooking pot, seated on a blazing fire;the fire woods surrounds her, like a fire wall.

She sweat, she stirs, she swayed; but on the terrain of the pot she stays.
The fumes emanating from her place covers the glory of her environs.
Even with a light you can't see her light.
The entire village has neglected her.

The useless can be useful, a used fool can once again be useful.
From her filthy black cooking pot many stomach gained their inspiration,
From her filthy black cooking pot, something as white has snow is been conceived.

Iya means mother, while Awero is a female name among west Africans in Nigeria.


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