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I wander in the wilderness of thoughts,
A vagabond and a stray around the tray.
A bitter and a sour tasting drink,
Too hot and harsh to swallow.
A cockatoo left out of the crackle,
A lonely miner quarrying my soil.

Who do I share my hot and harsh drink with,
Who do I share my bitter and sour drink with,
Pain is not an item to be dished out,
My tears is a stream that flows into my mouth alone.
A wounded cockatoo paddle his boat alone.

Come hear me out!!!, the starkly trees,
Come hear me out!!!, the silent lake.
Come hear me out!!! The crippling insects.
Come hear me out!!!, the fertile soil;
Let them hear me out,
My kind is not ready to hear me,
And I seek solace elsewhere;
The sack attached to my soul,
The cross attached my shoulder;
Has became a burden to my existence,
All I called out heed and not mock me,
They share my burden and ameliorate my pains.


Add #creativecoin tag to the post. Nice piece.

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