Anthology of Verse (Notes: loose-leaf) : 15. #0752

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--Latin Tavern, NT. 1990.

-- I am Simon and Thomas
and my life is a promise.

-- I can hear and I can see
within this paradox called me.
I am flowing rock
the key without a lock
I can show the way
the way's today
I can unlock the gate
that stands as fate
I can show you life
where there is no strife.

-- I can teach you a spell
that will bring you through hell
I am old and I am young
and my deed is done
I am black and I am white
and united grey
I am strong and I am weak
in my desert bleak
I am day and I am night
and my shadow is light
I am one and I am legion
but one has no region
I am within and without
and my life is a bout
I am Simon and Thomas
and my life is a promise.
< Simon.T. >

''A Hungry Man's An Angry Man, When We Think We Fail, We Are Often Near Success.''

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--May the blessings be.


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Thank-you. Some are well constructed, and some are scribbled doggerel when waiting at lights in truck.