Anthology of Verse (Hard-copy) 14. #0750

in poetry •  10 months ago

--Delectable Piscean.
--Eyes to match a dream of yore
when summer suns were glowing
when dreams were stardust sprinkled lore
and walked and spoke of living
Two pools of deep mysterious light
her eyes beneath her brow
but then her smile is wondrous bright
her grace full cause to bow
Her subtle soft and dreamy nature
has need to belong with someone
for this hard and independent creature
is a really beautiful person
Her cloak is worn to protect her heart from rough and prying eyes
to stop it bruising from the world in part
and weave dreams as summer dies
Unclouded brow enhanced by hair
the fairest golden hue
in curls and waves surrounding fair
the perfect face, the you.
< Simon.T. >

''The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them, The Good Is Oft Interred With Their Bones.''

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