Anthology of Verse (Hard-copy) 10. #0742

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--Former Days.

--A story told of former days
when I dreamed of how to be
a knight who gloried in the ways
of truth and nobility.

--A man who fought to save a life
and not weary in the fight
but weird a sword-edge as a knife
to shave the dark from light.

--A man who saw a sight unseen
for human eyes, divine
and seeing, brought to sense's keen
a wish to unite, combine.

--The cynics and their ergoes tried
so hard to disparage light,
they said that kings and knights lied
and were delegates of the night.

--Believing them the people saw that light showed fault too soon
that they and their society's law
we're bright enough at noon.

--So now I sit and write my tale
of how a trip could be
of how a knight of old could nail
his soul upon a tree.

--This story told of former days
when dreams were all we had
is told to further life's highways
and turn to good the bad.
< Simon.T. >

''Good Wine Needs No Bush.''

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--May the blessings be.