Off with Your Head

in poetry •  4 years ago 

Continuing with the Alice in Wonderland theme, here is another poem:

By Shelly Dawson

You have no idea, who I am with you.
Let me see, what I can do.
Every time I rip you apart.
It tears a piece of my heart.
Look at you with that halo on your head.
Soon, it will be a thing of dread.
Slipping down around your neck.
I grab it to pull you down to me.

Whisper in your ear:
“What is your greatest fear?
Is this where you are lead to be?
Need something to make you see me.
Did you think it was going to stay up there for you to wear?
Up above where you did not care?
The truth is but a whisper that has a deafening sound.
It lays you on the ground; where I always will be found.”

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