Wistfully, Wistfuilly

in #poetry5 years ago


Hastily, hastily, I make my way back home
Faithfully, faithfully, I wake up every morn
Gratefully, gratefully, I step on to the floor
Wastefully, wastefully, I barricade the door

Lifelessly, lifelessly, I sink into the ground
Cynically, cynically, I blame everyone around
Wistfully, wistfully, I count out my regrets
Drunkenly, drunkenly, I struggle to forget

Shamelessly, shamelessly, I bleed out every word
Poetically, poetically, hoping I’ll be heard
Mournfully, mournfully, I sing our favourite song
Defiantly, defiantly, today, I’m moving on

Urgently, urgently, I have to say my piece
Admittedly, admittedly, It grants me a release
Fluidly, fluidly, I roam from room to room
Vividly, vividly, I can still smell her perfume

Stoically, stoically, I throw my shoulders back
Eventually, eventually, I’ll get myself on track
Gracefully, gracefully, I stumble and I fall
Hopefully, hopefully, I will make it through it all.


I'm Scott. That big ugly picture down below is me. Follow me on my Youtube channel and watch me livestream on Friday nights at 8 pm. I drink whiskey, craft beer, and talk about what is on my mind.


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