Storming the Gates - Original Poetry

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I wrote this piece as a commentary. A commentary about how it seems that the default reaction to anyone that says something that you don’t agree with is to set the online mob after that person and to try and destroy them in any way possible. By targeting their job, their family, and even potentially their safety.

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Storming the Gates
The locusts are swarming
I had no time to run – they came without warning
All because of something I said
Now thousands of people – are wishing me dead
A perceived injustice doomed me to hell
But I made no mistake – I always choose my words well
That matters not to those taking offense
Their minds are made up – there is no defense
Though my position is supported by facts
No amount of reason – that will delay their attacks

And so the result is I am at war
And my neighbours all hate me – but what the hell for?
My apology was never enough
The enemy has no mercy – goddamn they play rough
They march forward and are storming the gates
Their torches on fire – their eyes burn with hate
They shout and they shriek and gather around
They chase away my family – burn our home to the ground
They rampage around and destroy all our crops
When will enough be enough – when will they stop?

I have to confess that my only hope
Is that they find a new target – ‘fore I’m at the end of a rope
Now I’m feeling dismayed and distraught
I’d never wish upon anyone – the treatment I got
Please forgive me won’t you dear lord
But is it a sin – to want to escape the hordes?
Maybe down the road one day
They’ll know what it feels like – for turnabout is fair play
Being vindictive is not who I am
But they drove me to this – now I’m a changed man

I’m trying to move on, turning the page
But my life was destroyed – by some made-up outrage
Now that I’ve emerged out the other side
I’m going to fight back – I’m not just content to survive
I shall never forgive and never forget
The people that wronged me – they’ll live to regret
The moment that they sold their soul
To join the unruly mob – that was out of control
Ongoing threats of ruination and violence
While I secluded myself – and suffered in silence

Perhaps the best course of action
Is to let them discover – the latest infraction
The next misunderstood or misspoken word
The next most racist and sexist – phrase ever heard
The most convenient opportunity
To ruin the next poor bastard – with whom they disagree
To feed their social justice addiction
To signal their virtue – and shout their convictions
To act out their protests and sing all their songs
They can do it themselves – I won’t be playing along

I will escape with my dignity intact
But what will they have? – They won’t even have that
They will go on playing the perpetual victim
And paint portraits of others – how they wish to depict them
But those of us that are wise to their games
Won’t let them condemn us – they won’t sully our names
We will rise up and we will outlast
We will be stronger – once the danger has passed
They stormed the gates, they bashed and they beat
But at the end of the day – I’m still strong on my feet

I'm Scott. I write poetry and have self-published two books. Please support me with an upvote and comment.


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