Everything is Beautiful When Nobody is Around (Original Poem)

in #poetry5 years ago


Let’s wake up early, shall we?
We’ll race the sun to see who first appears
Dew droplets on the grass and fog burns up
Before our feckless self-indulgent peers
Have even had the impetus to muster
Enough spark to even start their day
We must seize our pre-eminent position
Lest interlopers misappropriate
Inject themselves without our permission
Shatter the mosaic of our ecstacy
An automated army of invaders
Violating what had just been you and me

Let’s walk hand in hand together, shall we?
Down the middle of the stone cold pavement streets
Wayward pebbles kicked o’er painted lines
Deafening in silence underneath our feet
It won’t be long until the mechanical monsters
Will be roaring from their metallic slumber
Piercing the dawn with halogen beams aglow
The motorized ballet of roaring thunder
Shakes the ground with urgency and chaos
Under the guise of choreography
Let’s dance our dance before the calm is fractured
A denouement for our moonlight odyssey

Let’s sit on this park bench together, shall we?
We’ll revel in each other whilst birds regale us with song
A tranquility that will only come again in death
Before the slavering hordes come rolling along
The footfalls on the path will grow louder
With the rolling percussion of a drum
The leaves in the trees will dance from the vibration
Our chests will tremble from the constant hum
We’ll stand up and take our marching orders
We’ll make haste like on our lives it will depend
We’ll rush homeward to make our great escape
Our solitude has reached a bitter end

Let’s climb back into bed together, shall we?
And live carefree in our own blessed existence
Never shall we leave here, never shall we part
Despite the ferocity of their insistence
The only sound that I wish to acknowledge
The only sound that I wish to abide
The only sound that I will fall in love with
Is the sound that you make when I am inside
In one final desperate search for affirmation
In one last rebellious act of anarchy
We will live our days with our bodies tangled
In an Eden that is befitting you and me

My name is Scott and I write poetry. Follow me for more of my works. Find my books of poetry on Amazon.


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Amazing work, Scott!

Nice imagery, truly at first glance anyone can see you posses a mind that goes deep.

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