Steemit reblog button- An original poem

in #poetry4 years ago (edited)


What is this weird new button?

We don't have a clue!

Who shall we ask then

About what it can do?  

I wonder if this will help us

in our hour of need?

Shall we keep asking questions 

Or keep reading our feed?

What does it do?

What does it do?

Does it share all our good posts

and cause us to get more up-votes?

So what would you see if you click on the button?

Hmmm, just go check under your own posts !

because if you pressed that button, then all of a sudden

You will see more posts from me! :)

Now more we can notice 

And more can up-vote us!

We thank you sincerely

For giving us clearly 

The best thing that could happen......

To you and to me,

this will for sure help a million

Just you wait and see!:)

❤ Keep on Steeming ❤ 


hahahahah nice! new follower.....

I reblogged you... I think...

Thank you I think....for whatever it is!