A Shakespearean sonnet about steemit (Original Poetry)

in poetry •  3 years ago 


Along the deep roots of the world wide net,
One humble page, met to my gazing eye.
It threw no shadow, but a silhouette!
All happened but too quick, within July.

Light blue became my sudden mate in flash.
Those mighty arrows; that ticking time.
My honor was ready for a whiplash!
Then of a sudden; from the sky; A chime!

My life was filled with bread! With Shekels!
The saints of hope came down from heaven.
But conscious called. It is no "spreckels".
The whales here are few; just more than seven.

Thought maybe with the summers ending,
My pond of minnow fish will be ascending!
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Shakespearean style indeed! Outstanding!

I think it follows all the rules of a sonnet )

It was a nice try. The rhyming was good but the meter only flowed correctly in the first stanza.

I don't normally support the subversion of Shakespear though

Nice, made me smile. Thanks!

No problem.

Wow! And my sonnet only made 6 cents. Glad to see that good poetry does get rewarded here, congrats and nice writing.

I thik that if it happened, you should continue to write more and more.

Right on. Admirable. Seems the art of the sonnet is forgotten by most.

I guess no one wants to deal with iambs and pentameters

This is a masterpiece. Made me smile so much lol :)


Cool Upvoted


So cool! upvoted

Thanks a lot!

fun!! thanks

You welcome!

You're sure to make a splash with this one! ;D


So cool! upvoted

Thank you!


And to you also! :-)

Awesome, nice work :)

Thank you for your comment.


Steem rules

Definitely one of the best poems on Steemit so far... I love that it is a Steemit Sonnet!

Well done, quoth I, with tumultuous applause!


Nice take on Shakespearean sonnets. Made me laugh. Good writing with a vital bite to it!

Wonderful! Thank you for your contribution!

Thank you for the nice wrods. Hope seeing you around here