Toothpicks in a coconut & Pineapples in the sea

in #poetry2 years ago

I woke up this morning to toothpicks in a coconut.

WTF! Who left this out?

With all fucking food shortages and pirates throwing pineapples in the sea.

Is it because we no longer dream?

My fingers touch the jagged edges of the thin wood. It gently pierces my skin.

Fingertips to my lips, the red salt of blood gives me a sense of lost memories of my youth.


Hot summer days, scraped knees
Sweat makes it hard to see

Warm pain, Cold touch
Red salt of blood
Makes me go home

Waiting is a plate of fruit
Dripping with citrus and chile
I pick up the toothpick
And get some coconut & pineapple

The taste of summer
The daydreams of youth
A bark wakes me out of a daze


Hey! Who put my coconut in the frig!?!?!
I like my nuts warm

I need to move out or get a new roommate
I think to myself...

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