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achievement unlocked -
new resistance level accessed
bumping my head against the ceiling
ping ponging against the floor
back and forth like an Atari game

break these confines

L-I-V-E, or die trying

more ups and downs than a bitcoin
while I find new values, standards, protocols to live by
thrive by

inputs on point
settling into the being I want to be being
but don't get too comfortable

quantum shift approaches again
lifted up by the rising current sea
a whole new level
just enough light power energy absorbed from my high vibe environment

anxious to ignite like a photon
tethered to matter but riding the waves

blast off into space
if it's possible to break the snow globe dome

rewire the brain grooves
skip ahead like an LP
practice practice practice

aim for the highest
potential, awareness, acceptance, responsibility
evolve and upgrade

rinse and repeat

L-I-V-E, or die trying

✨💛✨ Sara!

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Excellent piece. We all in process of being re-wired to upgraded consciousness.

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