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I swear this poetry workshop will be the death of me. I love poetry. I love reading it. I love listening to it live. On that note, I don't identify as a poet.

I'm over half-way through the class and am just starting to find my voice. The assignment was to use imagery to describe a recent dream *sigh*... I just had a dream about a female prostitute, symbolizing some kind of deep internal power struggle. Thanks for the mindf*ck, Professor. You asked for it...

Cobalt phosphorescence skirts the cobblestones

Beneath the pounding of my haggard boots.

The streets radiate with the melody of revelry

Heels clack and snap within the slats

Swooning into the arms of capable chaps

Their shadows swallowed by the merciless night.

“Have some fun,” she beckons without refrain

Arched back against the concrete tomb.

My heart ricochets at the command

Vertigo spill, leaning in for the kill.

Sweet smells of bourbon and Black recall

That not one of us was once a saint.

What's worse, he said he liked the style and wanted to see more of this from me. I guess this 3 AM self-loathing, writing, jamming Patti Smith thing paid off for once.

I took this workshop as a challenge but if there's one thing I've learned it's that I'm completely out of my element. I'm not a poet, and I'm okay with that.

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I like the end of that poem. I don't really know why. Guess its one of those things that just gets to you. Maybe. In anycase, I love that you attempted to do something you weren't comfortable with like poetry. It's nice reading people take on challenges in their personal lives and even though you may not identify as a poet. I am sure you must of learned much and enjoyed some of it at the very least.

Great post. (;


I guess I thought I would be further along by now but hopefully by the end I can take something further from it. Thank you!

Nothing like stepping out of the comfort zone!

I really like these two lines.

Heels clack and snap within the slats
Swooning into the arms of capable chaps

My brain stopped after reading them. Like it does when seeing something beautiful.

Keep up the creative process :)


Me thinks you might be a little bit of a hopeless romantic. You found the one semi-cute line in a poem about hookers.

I do the same thing though, sometimes I'll stop and read one part over and over as if I didn't appreciate it fully the first time. These are few and far between.

Channel your inner Lizard King!


Hahahaha best comment ever, thank you!


You're welcome! That's actually my method for writing poetry, it works....most of the time.