The Valley of Gold

in poetry •  6 months ago
One picture, one view, one story untold
A  photograph that forms a valley of gold
Imagine the scene and go jump inside
A colourful place to run, or just hide

Run through the fields, go free
Imagine your life is happy, carefree
Enjoy the nature, it's view, and the scene
Enjoy the place that you have never been

The yellow fields that shimmer like gold
Showing the tale of a beauty untold
A picture that describes the word serene
Nature captured in one timeless scene

One picture, one scene, and one vision of life
A reminder of something that doesn't hold strife
An image that's still, reflective and calm
One that deflects from all sorrow and harm

Sarah E Waring

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Very beautiful words! Thanks a lot.


Ahhhh thanks @nedy!