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A Single Sock in Time

Sometimes I wonder if the air is slightly possessed
The way it circulates to signal an unrest
Other times I wonder if the air is my only friend
The way it warms me from my top, to my soggy end

At times I wonder if the rain is a demon from above
toying with my affections and dampening my love
Although one time I saw the colour through a dismal view
It was a rainbow eminating beauty across the fields of dew

All the time I dangle here with the earth as my view
Wondering if it stares at me, looking for something new
Until the end of time, we're forgotten objects of a dreery life
I wonder if this is hell, or a peaceful life without the strife

One last time I pray for freedom from the fires of this hell
I want to be free and loved, with a happy story to tell
I maybe just a dangling sock, forgotten on a lonely line
But once upon a time I did belong, in a heaven that was mine.

By Sarah E Waring

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